Testimonial Star Rating - 791986
by courtney yates - 9/9/2018
My daughter and I went here for the first time. My daughter got a perm( her first)Symkia did her perm, she was absolutely wonderful. She explained everything and made sure she was comfortable. yuliya did my my hair. I wanted chocolate and copper highlights. She took what I thought I wanted and mixed it up a little. When I saw the finished product. I was blown away. I have found my salon. For a perm and highlights, it was a bargain.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 727521
by Theresa Pillow - 7/15/2018
Went in on Saturday, short wait for a nail tech Was very impressed with my nails. Students do the services, and the instructors come over to check the work, she checked during (but at no time did she hover) checked again before polish and then checked after. The students all were very friendly as was the instructor. I really enjoyed our time their. I went with my daughter she got a beautiful full done full set while I got a fill. A lady next to us got a pedi and a mani. This is a great place to go if you are on a budget but still like to have pretty nails. I do HIGHLY reccomend you bring your own polish especially if you want gel, they have small selection but their gel selection is very small. But fr other then that I WILL be going back for my nails. Pedicure probably no as I like the spoiled pampered treatment and they dont have the nice massage chairs that the salons have, a comfy chair and a bucket for soaking your feet... I'm spoiled when it comes to my pedis, I like the massage chair, the bubbling massaging water and a glass of wine. But I enjoy saving on my manicures!! Go check them out. I reccomend an appointment Tuesday-Friday, they are VERY busy... Saturdays are walk in only though... get their early
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Testimonial Star Rating - 519343
by Kayla Cunningham - 2/12/2018
Top Notch hair salon you can't get more professional than this the students are very well taught and the teacher was very observant and helpful to myself and the students I am beyond satisfied. And I have to tell you if you go in there ask for dash she did an amazing job!!!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 465803
by Megan Kuhns - 11/22/2017
I came in recently for a fresh cut and color touch up and having never been in before I was a little skeptical. Immediately all my nerves were at ease, everyone was so friendly and eager to make sure I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. My hair looks amazing and the service was top notch!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 383658
by Peyton Dunlap - 8/8/2017
Ms. Becky worked on my hair with new student, Sierra. I got my hair cut & colored. I truly LOVE it. Such kind, patient people who know what they're doing. Amazing customer service from both women. Definitely would recommend both of them to everyone I know. I will surely be back.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 339019
by KB W. - 6/8/2017
It was my first time trying out a beauty school to have my hair cut and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! The student who did my hair was very friendly, skilled and the environment was upbeat and clean. I will definitely be going back and would recommend this facility to others! :)
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Testimonial Star Rating - 333274
by Jabar Moton - 5/31/2017
They are the best
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Testimonial Star Rating - 309071
by Valerie Ramos - 4/21/2017
Went in today to have my hair fixed for prom and my experience was fantastic! They were so efficient and fast for an updo! The price was half of what I was quoted at a salon and the quality was just as good. I highly recommend them!! Thank you Queen City!!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 494400
by Tony Montanna - 4/13/2017
Queen City is an AWESOME SCHOOL to attend and there are so many opportunities here and so many things to learn here;not to mention my instructor is the SH**!!! I've been learning so much from her on a daily basis! #NAILTECHCLASS #COMEJOINUS
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Testimonial Star Rating - 291057
by Dana Buckner - 3/16/2017
I am currently enrolled in this school as a nail technician and I have had nothing but positive experiences since I started in November. I have had every concerned addressed quickly, and am treated as a valued member of a team. I have had a change in instructors since I started, so I can now say I have been trained by two of the biggest rock stars in the nail industry! We are taught about quality products and how to use them in a safe and sanitary way.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 291056
by Tang Chang - 3/16/2017
Queen City College is an amazing beauty school. I am glad I chose to go to QCC. It's a day to day learning environment. It is a place were we the students get to demonstrate what they have learn from their instructor. It may take more then the average time you'd get from regular salons but trust that we want the client to walk out happy. Satisfaction with the correct knowledge to help beautify a person as they walk out any beauty institution, is what Queen City College offers.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 290382
by Toshiana Slack - 3/15/2017
Hello! I am currently a student at Queen City College. I love this school! Everyone is nice and respectful. I look forward to coming to school everyday! My instructor is awesome! If anyone is looking for a style institute to go to I would definitely recommend coming here!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 290383
by Li Yang - 3/15/2017
Hello. This is a great a school! Everyone is nice & respectful!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 288626
by Demetria Lewis - 3/14/2017
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Testimonial Star Rating - 288627
by Alicia Sayers - 3/14/2017
I am a student at queen city college I love it and have learned so much the instructors and other staff are always so helpful I would recommend to any one to come join this school
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Testimonial Star Rating - 166214
by Joy C. - 6/23/2016
Great people and nice facility. Give them a shot! It's inexpensive but definitely quality!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129850
by Jave'l Brown - 11/20/2015
Quite professional and got the job done very quickly also pretty low prices
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Testimonial Star Rating - 167622
by Tracy Petsch - 11/2/2015
Went in to have my hair highlighted and cut. The student did a fantastic job! I absolutely love it. The atmosphere was very enjoyable as well. The students were all very professional and it was nice to be surrounded with positive energy. I can't wait until my next appointment....Maybe this time I will have a facial or a body wrap in their Esthetics department!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129854
by Tracy P. - 10/16/2015
Excellent atmosphere and seems like a fun place to learn. The students are very knowledgeable. All the services are very well priced because they are completed by students under the watchful eye of their instructor!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 130094
by Jessica T. - 9/24/2015
I couldn't believe how awesome my hair looked and felt after getting deep conditioning and my hair cut. The student's work was amazing. It was one of the best salon experiences I ever had. The entire staff/students there were wonderful, polite, and made me feel beautiful. I will be going back soon.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129855
by Jill R. - 4/26/2013
Really, this is a brilliant idea, especially for a special occasion updo. Heck, for the price you could come here for a date night updo. Or for a 'I'm cooking dinner tonight' updo. I usually come here to get my hair done for my husband's Army dinner/dances. The best part about going to beauty schools is that the students are super careful, they're not only getting graded, but they also really care about making the customer (and teacher) happy. I always love talking to everyone and hearing their stories as well. Give yourself some time for your appointment, everything is going to be a bit slower because they'll stop every so often and have a teacher come look, but it's definitely worth it. I hear they do eyebrows as well, I'll have to give it a shot and let everyone know how it comes out.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129860
by Lucy L. - 6/23/2012
I went here yesterday to get my eyebrows waxed. The woman was very friendly, and did an excellent job. It cost me $5, plus a tip. So much cheaper than a regular salon, and no difference in service.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129861
by Diana C. - 7/17/2011
I usually don't get my nails done for anything, but decided to get a mani/pedi for a special event I was attending. Like everyone else, I'm on a budget right now, so I tried to find a low-cost salon. Boy was I looking in the wrong place! A co-worker of mine told me about Queen City College so I called and asked if they had any students that needed some practice. They did, which is the norm from what I hear, and I was able to get a way cheap mani/pedi and an eyebrow wax to top it off. I felt and looked fantastic for my event and the students got some practice! Awesome find.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129856
by Carrie S. - 6/5/2011
Great find. Great prices. I got a cut and color for $30. The instructors were really helpful. It was really slow though and most of the students were standing around and watching me get my hair cut. A little weird bit overall not bad.
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by Alex Lipsey - 1/19/2011
Haircuts are 6 dollars here at queen city. Come get a great cut and save some money!!!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 129853
by Ally A. - 5/19/2010
love love love this place! it's a beauty school and the students provide services SUPER cheap...i LOVE super cheap!!! as a former nursing student, i hated when we would ask ppl if we could help with their care so that we could learn how to do it and they would shoot us down. how do ppl learn if they can't get some hands on time?! so i was more than happy to let these students get hands on experience...and get myself a haircut & eyebrow wax. about $20 bucks later, i walked out happy as a clam. hair washed, cut, styled & eye brows in check. and the only reason it cost about $20 was cuz i gave two $5 tips...yes, you can (and, in my opinion, SHOULD) tip. it was relatively quick and, although the girl who cut my hair didn't talk much, she was very efficient. the girl who did my eyebrows was AMAZING! i'm super happy i found this place and you will be too!
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Thank you!
Testimonial Star Rating - 130087
by Christy Designs - 10/6/2008
Thank you for choosing to connect with Christy Designs! I look forward to connecting with you! Have a great day!
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Great Place to be Trained
Testimonial Star Rating - 130088
by Peggy's Pies - 5/29/2008
My family have taken advantage of the opportunity to be served at Queen City College. It's also a place to help the group become skilled at what they do. Thank you for being in our community.
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